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B Technology
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B Technology

Our Beliefs

While B Technology is a newer company, our beliefs and philosophy about our company have been ingrained in our leadership throughout the past two and a half decades. We focus on doing right by employees, who will do right by our customers. We are about the people and helping them achieve their career and personal goals. We value our people, our partners, and our customers as we do our own family. 

B Technology

Our Mission

B Technology is committed to successfully delivering IT infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions that enable our customers’ mission. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and will work to facilitate that success through a trusted partnership. We provide the right personnel with the right skills, credentials and solutions to maintain and improve IT infrastructure and processes while protecting their systems and data.   

B Technology Threat Intelligence Platform powered by QuoLab

QuoLab seamlessly blends threat intelligence platform (TIP) and security operations platform (SOP) functionality in a unified, collaborative ecosystem.


As internal and external cybersecurity threats increase, agencies lack the resources to properly vet and prevent propogation of all threats.  Multiple threat assessment data feeds (Splunk, Mandiant, McAfee, etc) require a significant amount of time and resources to investigate and mitigate these threats.


B Technology Threat Intelligence Platform powered by QuoLab ingests these industry standard data feeds and logs to provide a single source of truth for enterprise threat asssesment.  QuoLab combines security and threat intelligence into a single dashboard, automating tedious aspects of a cybersecurity analyst's role and enabling cyber teams to swiftly and effectively analyze, assess, and mitigate threats.

B Technology Cybersecurity

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Faster Investigations

"B Technology Threat Intelligence Platform powered by QuoLab reduced 70% of SIEM alert investigations from 10 minutes to milliseconds and for the remaining 30% by half the time. We do more with less, adding clients without additional employee costs."


Savings through OSINT Automation

"We saved over $100K per year by cutting a commercial TI feed and replacing it with 32 open source communities brought to us at launch. And even better - we now have ATT&CK tagging on our data!"


Reduction in SME Support Costs

"Our analysts have increased malware and Threat Intelligence SME support productivity by 65%, saving us thousands per month in external vendor costs and making efficient use of our own SMEs."

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