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B Technology IT infrastructure

B Technology is committed to successfully delivering IT infrastructure and cyber security solutions that enable our customers’ mission. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and will work to facilitate that success through a trusted partnership. We provide the right personnel with the right skills, credentials and solutions to maintain and improve IT infrastructure and processes while protecting their systems and data.

B Technology cybersecurity


Safeguard your organization against evolving cyber threats with B Technology's cutting-edge cybersecurity services to include our Threat Intelligence Platform. Our expert team is dedicated to mitigating risk, fortifying your defenses, and safeguarding your valuable assets and data from the relentless advances of cyber attacks, ensuring your peace of mind in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape.

B Technology ITIL-based services

IT Service

B Technology provides ITIL-based services including Service Desk, Desktop, Database, Web Design and Support, Data Center, Network, Systems, Video Teleconferencing, Cybersecurity, and Virtual Management.

B Technology virtualization


B Technology offers virtualization solutions designed for everyone. Whether you are starting small or need hundreds of instances, we will always have expandable platforms ready.

B Technology cloud computing


Unlock the power of the cloud with B Technology's comprehensive suite of services. From seamless migration and secure infrastructure to optimized application performance, we provide end-to-end solutions that harness the cost efficiency, scalability, and convenience of cloud computing while ensuring industry-leading security and adherence to best practices.

redstone arsenal.png

B Technology provides C4IM Baseline and Above Baseline support to Redstone Arsenal including desktop support, systems administration, telecommunications & VTC, Network Administration and Database Administration.

Fort cavazos transparent small.png

B Technology provides support to over 44,000 Warfighters and 8,900 civilians, including forward deployed forces to include Inside and Outside Plant Operations; Customer Service Desk; Cybersecurity; Business Support Services;  COOP; Desktop, Software, and Peripheral Support; Network Administration, Systems Administration; and Web Development.

US Army

B Technology provides Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Management (C4IM) support to the US Army.

Program Executive Office Missiles and Space

B Technology provides data center, cloud, network, telecommunications, systems management, cybersecurity, service desk, and application development.

US Army Futures Command

  B Technology provides business operations, connectivity, end user, desktop and VTC support;  cybersecurity review and analysis, plans and policy and SOP development.

DSCA Consolidated Adjudication Facility.png

B Technology provides Virtualization, Cybersecurity, Unified Capabilities and Service Desk in support of the clearance process.

B Technology implements tools and processes to support incremental Agile DevSecOps using AWS to perform Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD). B Technology develops, prepares, and delivers source code through a combination of open-source task managers, source control management, and an array of programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

B Technology supports AWS GovCloud infrastructure while adhering to ITAR regulations, FedRAMP requirements and DFARS, DoD Impact Levels 2, 4, 5, and 6 and other security and compliance requirements, including unclassified development and test, as well as staging, production, and exercise cloud environments.

Our security designs automatically mitigate identified cyber threats, providing protection against unauthorized access in compliance with federal and industry requirements.  Our log aggregation system allows us to monitor all system logs in real time, correlate that data with our performance monitor, and readily identify system issues and cyber threats in real time and mitigate those vulnerabilities.

B Technology’s operational support includes website, database, storage, and security system monitoring, patching, tuning, and problem resolution.  We maintain test and evaluation programs to ensure all services, deliverables, and documents meet DoD security standards.  B Technology uses automated monitoring and network management to proactively alert us to service-level threats and to monitor performance and capacity across the stack.

Our Help Desk Team supports 60,000 users. B Technology triages, prioritizes, and dispatches technical expertise to provide support using multiple tools and technologies. We customized ITSM tools from the ground up for all incident management, request management, asset management, client tracking, and detailed reporting. Our teams created custom incident management dashboards to monitor and respond to sudden spikes in incidents, track technician performance, call wait time, backlog and other quality control measures.

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